What is entertainment and how to be entertained ?

Preface : - Man is a social person. To feel lightness when tired of the karmic routine, entertainment becomes essential to life. Lack of entertainment leads to dullness in life. To get rid of melancholy, a person uses many means to amuse the heart, entertainment does not only lighten the mind. There is energy in the body and there is an increase in working capacity. In earlier times, there were no means of entertainment as they are today. Nevertheless, the means they used are still used today. Which people used to fulfill their hobbies with horse riding, chaupal, dholak, chess and many regional music. But in today's era there is no dearth of means of entertainment. Computers, mobiles, internet, etc. are many means by which people entertain themselves.

Various means of entertainment: - In order to keep himself fresh, man is modernizing the traditional means of entertainment along with inventing new means of entertainment. In today's era innumerable means of entertainment are available, but all these means are not accessible to the common man. Radio, television and cinema are the best forms of entertainment today. But some means of entertainment are available within the boundary wall of the house and for others one has to go out of the house.

We have to go out of the house to have entertainment from cricket, tennis, circus, theatre, football, swimming, dance, horse racing, basketball, hockey, skating, etc. Big players are needed for this. But today's paramount means to have entertainment sitting at home. Television or video, cinema has also become accessible through these two mediums within the boundary wall of the house. Through this medium, the enjoyment of all the arts like literature, music, drama, photography, painting, sculpture, dance, etc. is easily attained.

Television is an important means of entertainment and knowledge enhancement. The programs sponsored in these provide a new message to life and provide a new consciousness to man by exposing science and various forms of life. Various types of information of the sports world are obtained by sitting at home through this medium and good entertainment is also done.

Other means of entertainment:- There are some other means of entertainment as well. Such as writing, stamp collection, object collecting, gardening, playing, chess, playing cards, squares, painting, handicrafts, etc., people of different ages can entertain them according to their own interest. Folk-music, folk-drama, fair, various types of races, animal-bird fights are also the means of entertainment in the villages. Clubs, picnics, music-dances etc., colorful programs have started emerging as the main means of entertainment in the cities. Story novels, plays, one-ones, miscellaneous articles, sketches, reports etc. printed in newspapers and magazines also infuse new consciousness in the monotonous and exhausting life of man.

Tourism is also attracting people in the modern means of entertainment. In this, there is special help in making national unity more strong and maintaining harmony.

There is also a section of society like this. Those who have special interest in religious discourses, especially Ramayana, Mahabharat, Gita etc. Some people entertain by gossiping, playing hunting, watching a spectacle, etc. But the life of those people is moving towards destruction, who are looking for entertainment in gambling, drinking, rubbing cannabis, smoking ganja, smoking and getting lost in heroine.

Conclusion:- Therefore, just as food, clothing, exercise are needed to keep the body healthy, in the same way, entertainment is an essential means to keep the mind healthy. But its relevance lies in that it is healthy and limited.


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