What is Business ? Who is Business Man ?

Business or trade is a special economic process of continuous production of goods and services and their delivery to the consumer,

For example - a company makes a product, that product is transported to the whole seller with the help of a transporter and from the whole seller to the shopkeeper, and then whatever goods a shopkeeper sells to his customer,

Who is Business Man ?

The primary need of a human being is food, clothing and housing, but apart from this, there are also many needs of human beings which make life easier.

And any person, organization or company, who makes products or services for the purpose of profit, or who delivers products and services to the consumer ie the end user, is called a businessman.


1. Exchange of money for goods and services - There can be thousands of ways of business, there can be thousands of types, but no matter what the business is, one of its special features is that in every business something is sold and bought for money, or service is bought and sold for money.

2. The main objective of business is to earn profit - No matter what the business is, there is a special feature of every business that every business works with the aim of earning profit.

3. Must be a Buyer and Seller - No matter what the business is, it is necessary to have two people in which one is the buyer, and the other is the seller.

4. It is necessary to have business activity in business – No matter what the business is, either goods and services are produced in that business, or there is improvement and development of that goods and services, or the goods and services are delivered to the end user.

5. One of the goals of business is to help make social life progressive.

Hope, from this post you will understand what is business, and what are its features, you can ask your suggestions, questions and thoughts about the post by commenting below,


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