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SEO Course Free with Full Explanation | NE WORK PLACE

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique with the help of which we optimize the content of our blog for search engines. SEO sounds like a very technical term. But we are giving you a free course in SEO which will help you to improve your search ranking.

For whom is SEO Free Course?

Improve rankings, boost visibility, and optimize your online presence

Those who want good ranking in SERPs – who are already running a blog but do not know how to optimize. So this free course promises to teach you SEO. So that it can come up in the search.

Want to build a brand – This free course can help you build a brand as we give you a chance to promote your brand through optimization. Which will be taught to you in this SEO Free Course.

Want to increase Search Engine Visibility – This course will help you to increase the Search Engine Visibility of your blog. We will tell you what steps you have to take for this.

Want to earn money from a website and blog – All the above points you read point to earning more money because when you get a good ranking then you are not far away from earning good money.

We have experience: SEO is not a quick learning process at all. It can take us a lot of time, if you optimize any content today, its effect may be visible after 4 months. SEO shows you stability in a short time.

We claim: We will try our best that we will teach you so much from this course that no one can make you mad in the name of SEO.

Advanced SEO training with NE workplace

Part 1

What is SEO?:

In this, we will give you the basic information of SEO like – What is SEO? How does SEO work? What is the importance of SEO for a website? What is the advantage and disadvantage of SEO?

Part 2

What is On-Site SEO?

In this, you will be told to optimize the content so that we can rank your content at #1. Everything that is involved in On-Site SEO will be told to you in this.

Optimize Meta Title
Optimize Meta Description
Optimize Permalinks (URL)
Optimize Images
Keywords Research
Use Short Paragraphs
Use Keywords in H1, H2 or H3 Tags
Use Keyword Once In The First 100 Words
Add Internal Links & External Links
Maintain Website Speed
Make Mobile Friendly Page
Adjust Content Readability & UX (User Experience)

Part 3

What is Off-Site SEO?

In this, you will be told about promoting the content, because this process is of complete promotion, see the checklist included in it, which you are going to learn in this.

Link Building
Guest Posting
Brand Mention
Social Signals
Content Sharing
Content Marketing
Blog Commenting

Part 4

What is Technical SEO?

In this, you will be told about all the technical terms. Many people are scared to hear the name Technical SEO but do not worry, I will tell you everything in a very easy way so that you will be able to do technical SEO on your website easily.

Fix Broken Links
Fix Error In GSC
Increase Crawl Budget Rate
Create Sitemap
Make Responsive Site
Use Structured Data

Part 5

What is Black Hat or White Hat SEO?

In this, you will get information about Black Hat and White Hat SEO, what are they and what will be right for the growth of your website. Pros/ Cons both will be told to you.


What are SEO Metrics?

In this last part, you will be taught to test SEO, and how you will measure SEO of your website, which is very important.

The objective of the SEO Course: Our target is those people who want to optimize their website for free because today many people make people crazy in the name of SEO and charge money from them.

If you know SEO, then you can Earn Millions of rupees by providing online SEO Services.

How much time does it take for a new website or blog to be ranked?

How much time does it take for the blog to be ranked? There is no definite answer to this question, there are many factors that decide this. Keyword Difficulty, Your Competitor, SEO Skill.

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