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How To Grow Your Business Or Brand Easily In 2023 Paid & Non Paid Organic strategy

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We are the “NE works place” Digital Marketing & SEO Tips & Tricks Community. We are providing featured services and guidelines with free Tips to grow your Breathe and or Business. In this article, we will explain to you about to promote Business through Paid & Non Paid Organic methods.

Which are the Paid or Non Paid methods?

Ans. These are Social Media Methods Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest these are the top 5 platforms in Digital Marketing it’s Paid & Non Paid as your requirements.

First We Will Explain to You About Free Promotional Platforms See Bellow :

1. How you can Promote your Business by making your Social Page Free?

Ans. You can make a Page on These Top 5 Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest ) & you can Grow your Page by post daily 2 or 3 Content every day you can post any attractive Product, Article, or image related to your Brand or Business.

2. How to Promote by using tags?

Ans. When you are going to publish a post on your Social Page then use at least 7-10 #tags relevant to your Content this is a very valuable part of Promotion. Never miss this step.

3. How to promote by Groups & Communities on these Social Networking Platforms?

Ans. This is the best and very easy part of promoting your business to millions of audiences. Join the groups and also Communities and share your Page in these groups and Communities but don’t join or follow un relevant groups.

4. How to Promote by engaging the other’s Posts ?

Ans. On your Social Platforms, you can engage with other’s posts by commenting and liking them because it is a beneficial way to attract the user to your Page but the important thing you need to engage with only relevant posts. Example – If your page is related to “Health & Fitness” then Engage with only Health & Fitness Posts.

So These Are The Free Promotional Steps To Go Viral Your Business Or Brand

Second We Will Explain to You About Paid Promotion See Bellow :

1. How To Promote By Paid Story on Other’s Pages Or Profiles?

Ans. Go to a Social Media platform and find the person who has a good audience on his/her page or profile but also see the posts and engagements of this person after finding the perfect person then contact him/her and give some money to him/her for publishing your Business or Brand on his profile. It is a very good thing the profile holders not charging higher money.

2. How To Promote By Paid Sponsor Ads?

Ans. Business Holders can make Sponsor ads on Social Media platforms available on every Social Media platform. It is a very good & beneficial method to get leads for your Business or Brand. This campaign is higher than other paid platforms but most powerful because you can Target there Any Country, State, City Area & Target Relevant Audience to your Brand or Business.

3. Which Type Of Paid Video do You Need To Upload On Your Social Pages?

Ans. Hire A Professional Freelancer to make a Presentation video for your Business or Brand 2+ Minutes video will be good & you can post that video every week on your Social Media Page or Platforms it’s a great way to Boost your Sales. Why It's Important:- Because All Social Media allow video & channel or page Monetization, It means the video will be shown in the video category & video search showcase, So your Page can get an extra relevant Audience by video.

4. Why Buy Banner Ads On Targeted Websites For Your Pages?

Ans. It’s not much costly, It’s very cheaper but caring about which website you will choose for banner ads, It’s mean checking the website Domain Authority & Page Authority you need to post your banner for your Social Page Up to 50 Domain Authority Sites because if the Domain Authority is up to 50 then you can believe your Page will get Natural & Good Traffic from DA 50+ Sites Banner Ads.

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Best Wishes for your Business

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