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Updated: Mar 12

Introduction :- Fiverr is a most famous Freelancer website. At this time its no. 1 position in the world. Fiverr is a Israel Base Marketplace Company founded 1 feb, 2010. Available in: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German. Fiverr is a Marketplace there anybody can sell services by thier skills. There are many categories like Graphic design, Digital marketing, Writing & Translater, Business and much more.

How Fiverr works : - Fiverr is very easy to work you can publish there your service ( Gig ) like Social Media, SEO, Data Entry, Writing and many more every fields of online marketing and can sell thier. After created service ( Gig ) Its show on Fiverr Marketplace then buyer can see your services on the marketplace and if the client will need then he can buy.

How legit is Fiverr : - Yes, Fiverr is a legit website for both buyers and sellers. There are some Fiverr “hustlers” who will try to take advantage of your service or provide you with a service that may not be the same quality as advertised. However, the buyers can always check the order and report whether it meets the criteria or not.

How much can earn from Fiverr :- There are no limitation of earning, its totally depend on your skills and quality of works. If your services are good then you can make very big money.

Importance of best work : - Fiverr set the Levels for sellers Level 1, Level 2, Top Level To achieve these goals your income never stopped. See here Levels. Special benefit for every Level Winer.

Fiverr’s Charges :- Its free to use but Fiverr only take 20% from your earning but there are no additional joining or membership. Its free.

Fiverr Features :- Fiverr is a highly growing Freelancing Marketplace and launch features for Sellers that give your services more visibility on Marketplace and increase your sales.


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