5 Rare Flowers Plant of The World Guinness Book of World Records

1. Rafflesia Arnoldii : The largest flower in this world is Rafflesia arnoldi. To say, Rafflesia is counted as the largest flower in the world, but the skin of this flower looks like flesh when touched and its flower smells like rotten flesh. Actually found in the forest of Malaysia and Indonesia, Rafflesia is a parasitic plant, whose size is about 1 meter in diameter, larger than the flowers of all plants in the plant world and its weight can be up to about ten kilograms. There are two species male and female in this.

2. Encephalartos Woodii : We are going to tell you about a flower that is one of the rarest plants in the world Encephalartos woodi which is now protected and confined only to the botanical garden where it was taken from Zululand. There are two varieties of this flower, male and female. This plant is found only in South Africa. Its tree is very tall, just like a coconut tree.

3. Nepenthes Tenax : One of the most different and strange looking plants is Nepenthes tenax which is considered as one of the rarest plants in the world. Having great similarities with the pitcher plant, this plant grows to a height of 100 cm, with a pitcher-shaped flower at the top, which is 15 cm in height. It is an extremely rare Australian lowland plant native to northern Queensland. This plant is now part of the endangered species of the world.

4. Welwitschia : Welwitchia is the longest living plant on this earth, it can live for more than 1000 years. This plant is found only in South Africa. This plant is one of the rare plant species found in Africa. This peculiar looking plant has a woody, thick, short and thick stem. The growth rate of this plant is very slow.

5. Pennantia Baylisiana : Entering the Guinness Book of World Records. Pennantia Baylisiana is again an extinct plant in the world which is rare which means you cannot find it easily. There are so many gender woes in this controversial plant, with some scientists trying to prove whether it is of female origin or male. The aging process of this plant is slow i.e. it takes almost a full 10 years to fully mature.


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